Frontman, Chris Lay’s, love for such a variety of genres leads to a writing process that often borders on identity crisis. The result, though, is a sound that borrows from each; a window into his world and the way he experiences those styles. Long-time friend and partner in music, Alex Milsted, helped shape the pair's early move from coffeeshop songwriting toward the more nuanced and soulful, and with the addition of versatile young-guns guitarist, Manny Humlie, the group began carving a more cohesive sound from their existing catalog and creating a new signature together. Along with bassist, Chris Chard, and newly-added drummer, Chance Diaz, the sound is at times soul/rock and jazz/pop, built on the strong voice of each member's influence.

January 26th
Hotel Vintage Portland 6PM
February 17th
Sand Trap Pub Gearhart 7PM
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